Update 6/26/18 Long time no update

Hello to anyone that might be visiting my site. I haven’t updated this site since 2016 (two whole years orz) but thought i’d let you know i might be picking up a new series to translate. It’s a very cute series and I’m TLing it because I want to know what happens next. I might have it out within a month as long as I don’t get distracted by games and other series I’m reading. Fingers crossed that this series wont be picked up during the time I’m TLing it like the last 4 series I’ve tried TLing.


Update 4/21/16

Sadly haven’t been able to translate at all since last update. orz. Haven’t had much time to translate between work, studying, and school. but hey if i win the lottery 2 of those 3 things will go away and i can focus solely on translating and reading but i highly doubt that will ever happen to me. The goddess of luck doesn’t seem to like me much.

on a side note i’m debating picking up Doll Dungeon since the chapters are small/don’t have many words per line.


At 20ish%. haven’t had much time to devote to TL lately due to midterms. scored all A’s on them so go me. currently on spring break so will try to get the chapter finished.

On a side note i’m TL a series for kobatochandaisuki called (well i’m calling it this name with my meager TL abilities) “Continent Military Hero” the chapters seem small (or at least that’s what kobato-chan tells me) so it shouldn’t take much attention away from this series.spent a few hours on it and was able to TL 28% of it.

on another side note i joined Cnine’s team as an editor for series called: Bocchi Tenseiki, Seirei Gensouki, and a teaser series called Sevens Gaiden. so expect more releases of those series. i know people have been waiting for next Bocchi chapter and my midterms held that release up. orz

Another wonderful Update with a hint of irritation.

I am currently TL Hissou dungeon chapter 9 so expect that to be out in a few days.

Update on 2/7/16: im currently TL the chapter still and am currently at 8%. im a tad delayed due to family issues that came up, had very little sleep last few days and my business law class keeps getting in the way so i’m a little delayed in my TL. I’ve since been able to decompress so i will post another update in a few days. sorry this chapter is taking so long to TL.


Update 2/10/16: am almost 20% done with chapter TL

Update orz

I was going to be doing the translation to Kaettekite mo Fantasy!? since i thought Raisingthedead had dropped the series but apparently they are still translating it. so that mean i will NOT be translating it. i am currently translating the next chapter for Nodime no Yuusha with daily translations so i will be busy with that. after i finish that chapter i will be releasing next chapter to Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou so look forward to that. i should be releasing that sometime soon…maybe…orz